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Registered: 09-2004
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new guy, with new stuff

HI Folks..
.. I have been working in the theatre, and related arts, as a properties artisan for years, and have used my skills to create all sorts of special props, and effects for myself and for friends around the Halloween. This year I have decided to make my work more widely available, and have posted some of the items that I create that might be of interest to the side show community. I have a selection of Shrunken heads, freak skulls, and 2 faced bouncers up at the moment. this page is under constant revision, so please check back often to see what's new.
    please take a look at the site and feel free to contact me with special requests..

Scott Bonelli
9/23/2004, 6:53 pm Link to this post Send Email to ldwarf   Send PM to ldwarf

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